After doing her fair share of theatre in Nelson, Georgia is now performing in her first MUSOC show in the role of Heather McNamara. She is in her first year of studying primary school teaching at UC and is very grateful to be a part of Heathers doing what she loves!


Hannah joined MUSOC at the start of this year, landing the role of missionary Sarah Brown in the 2018 summer production of Guys and Dolls. Prior to this she was seen in Showbiz’s winter musical Sister Act as Sister Mary Roberts. Hannah is excited to have finally landed a “mean” role in Heathers and looks forward to adding a few more MUSOC musicals to her repertoire before graduating with a biochemistry degree at the end of the year.


Ali is currently studying at NZ school of Tourism, and it’s her first show with MUSOC. Ali (Annelise) is a well known performer in her home town of Ashburton, but is excited to take on Heather Duke as her first main role in a Christchurch show.


This is Lawrence’s 1st major MUSOC show as a member of the cast, playing Ram Sweeney. He has spent his last 4 years at UC involved in 9 MUSOC shows, swapping between the cast and technical crew roles. As well as serving on the MUSOC Executive for the past 2 years as the event manager, Lawrence has also designed and built sets for the past 2 MUSOC shows.


Heathers marks Caitlyn's return to MUSOC, following her 2017 debut in RENT. She is no stranger to performance, with experience in Showbiz's Hairspray, Mamma Mia and Wicked. Her second love is improv, performing as a Court Theatre Jesters' Apprentice and co-leading DramaSoc's Say What. Caitlyn is excited to be working alongside friends new and old to contribute to community theatre.


Heathers is Daniel’s 6th(!) major show with MUSOC, and will mark his return to the Jack Mann stage after his excursion into the world of the production team with ‘Guys and Dolls’. To get into character for JD, Daniel has been getting more in touch with his inner sociopath, and now he's afraid he can't stop. Please send help.


Heather's will be Robert's 5th major show with MUSOC. He plays Kurt Kelly, quarterback and the smartest guy on the football team. Once again, audiences will have to watch him jump around stage in next to nothing.


Heathers marks Harrison’s 4th MUSOC show, following on from Guys and Dolls, Rent, and Sound of Century. Alongside this, Harrison also acts as the Treasurer of the club, as well as being in his 5th year at UC, slowly nearing the completion of a law and commerce double degree.


Grace Millar has recently completed her Bachelor of Music with Honours at the University of Canterbury. She is currently working as a Musical Play Specialist at the Piano, and this will be her first show with MUSOC. Grace is excited for what she can bring to the role of Martha, and for the opportunity to become apart of the Christchurch performing arts scene.


Heathers is Matt McMenamin's second show with MUSOC and has had a blast performing with stellar cast. Matt is playing Ram's Dad: a conservative, red-blooded American man who certainly has nothing to hide. No sir, nothing at all.


Heathers will be Ruairi's third time on stage with MUSOC. After catching the musical theatre bug in his high school's production of Guys and Dolls, and Pippin, Ruairi returned to the stage earlier this year as Rusty Charlie in MUSOC's Guys and Dolls. Now playing the role of the world-weary Principal Gowan, Ruairi is just glad he can wear tweed on stage again, something his girlfriend won't let him do otherwise.


Elizabeth loves performing and is excited to take to the stage once more in MUSOC’s production of Heathers. She is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Canterbury majoring in Media and Communication. In her spare time she teaches speech and drama and dance at The Hartley School of Performing Arts. Elizabeth is also a junior member on the MUSOC executive. Elizabeth would also like to know how much Valdimir Manza is paying the creative team to play her significant other for the second time in a row. Can’t be a coincidence.


Vladimir has been performing for as long as he can remember, Heathers being the 12 or 13th show he's performed in since 2006 (He's only been in 2 MUSOC shows though. He isn't THAT old). In his spare time he enjoys fumbling his way through an English degree and also working to pay the extra 120 bucks he paid the director to have a particular speaking role. It worked out amazingly.


Samantha has a diverse performance background as she has been acting, singing and dancing since she was a teenager and has trained in various areas from dance to radio drama. She studied at the National Youth Drama School. Her recent performances include Showbiz productions of Wicked, Sister Act and most recently Hitmen. When not performing, Samantha leads the Kea Section of Marshland Scout Group. Heathers is Samantha’s First Production with MUSOC.



Tamsin has appeared in several MUSOC shows from 2016 to now, Heathers being her 7th performance with the club. By day she hides in the disguise of an OSCAR coordinator, but don't be fooled, she's an absolute menace onstage


This is Sam's first show with MUSOC although she has been performing since the ripe young age of 7. Sam's 9-5 consists of studying to become an underpaid nurse but she finds true joy in annoying her neighbours in belting out show tunes.


Oscar is a first year student at UC, studying music. He wishes to continue a career doing literally anything involving music. This is his first show with MUSOC. His other credentials include Showbiz productions of Hairspray (2016), Sister Act (2017), and Wicked (2018).


This is Williams Xth show with musoc, having lost count over the years. Always glad to bring to life uncomfortable characters, such as a racist soldier, a paedophilic bishop, the world's scrawniest bully, the creepy drug dealer and this time round, the malfunctioning family man and father.


Having just moved to Christchurch to study, Heathers is Claudia’s first production with MUSOC. She is finding it new and exciting to be involved in this new and exciting production, and honestly she’s just glad to be playing a teenager rather than someone’s mother.


This is Kristy’s first MUSOC show. She was in Jekyll and Hyde with North Canterbury earlier this year, and has been a member of Christchurch Pops Choir. Kristy can usually be found wrangling groups of 11 and 12 year olds in her job as a teacher.


This is Annie’s second show with MUSOC, having performed as Thea in the 2017 season of Spring Awakening. Annie has been involved in various shows in the Christchurch scene over the past few years, and is now studying digital design at Yoobee.


Emma trained in IDTA ballet since the age of four and went on to get her Associate Teachers Diploma for Ballet. She has been in one show, Showstoppers, with MUSOC. When she’s not singing or dancing, Emma is studying Broadcast Journalism at the New Zealand Broadcasting School.


'Heathers' is George's fifth production with MUSOC, his first having been 'Hair' back in 2016'. George is currently completing a Bachelors of Film and Television Production and enjoys performing in his spare time, be it musical or otherwise


This is Brett's 9th MUSOC™ production since joining in 2012. He loves MUSOC™ because the people are [beautiful] and the shows are [big fun] (haha get it bc they're songs in the show). Brett is a well-behaved kid who doesn't take drugs, so he had to do a lot of research for this role.


This is Ciara’s first show with MUSOC and her first show on stage since arriving in New Zealand! Ciara is usually found behind the scenes working with choreography or with a makeup brush in hand but is very happy and eager to be getting back on stage and in character, back where she started her love affair with musical theatre.


Daniel Mathers (DM for labelling purposes) is excited to join the ensemble of Heathers, a show he thought he knew back to front until he read the sheet music, for his third MUSOC show. Having barely escaped secondary education alive, Daniel is now working on making his musical theatre obsession an actual career, and will surely soon be performing his own rendition of Pippin in his Corner of the Gutter


Heathers is Georgia’s first MUSOC show. She has performed with Impact Dance and Stage school for 13 years as well as many school productions. After graduating high school last year, Georgia is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts at UC.


Boy oh boy, has Nic had a gay old time working with the cast and crew of MUSOC’s production of Heathers. Nic has felt the most comfortable in this show more than others, due to it being set in the 80s; a decade that Nic knows more about than what happened 4 days ago. This is the highly anticipated sequel of Nic’s meagre contributions to the MUSOC legacy, this time playing “Beleaguered Geek”. This has been a notable challenge for Nic, not just because of the 17 songs that the ensemble had to learn, but because Nic had no idea what exactly beleaguered meant for several months. Despite this, Nic’s had a lot of fun, and hopes everyone else did to.



This is Rene's first show as part of MUSOC and first show of being part of any musical. She graduated from university two years ago as a physiotherapist with no plans to return, but her love of musical theatre somehow found her returning to campus for this.



This is Blythe's first year at UC and her first MUSOC show. After performing in musicals and choirs during high school she decided to continue her musical journey at university through MUSOC. Gaining more experience in performing and meeting new friends has been a highpoint in her journey so far.


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Caitlin is delighted to be a part of the pit choir for Heathers. Coming from a background of musical theatre through high school and Papakura Theatre Company, Heathers marks her first show at MUSOC. When she isn’t in a dark pit you can usually find Caitlin in her car belting musical theatre tunes, or napping in bed. During pre and post naptime, Caitlin is probably at uni “studying” towards her teaching degree, which usually translates to procrastinating with the Sims 4.


Luke has been shocked to find himself known as a MUSOC veteran recently, with Heathers being his sixth consecutive MUSOC show. His involvement has ranged from pit choir to supporting lead, trumpeter, MD or conductor. When not singing, he's probably working with DramaSoc, or maybe even doing his Engineering degree.