Life Membership of MUSOC is granted to people who have performed extra-special services to the club over the years.  Outgoing MUSOC Presidents automatically become life members.  These are just some of the people who have given so much to MUSOC to make the Club successful over our forty year history.

All life members are requested to contact to update their contact details, so that we can get in touch with them for upcoming events. Life members who are not listed are also requested to get in touch - we believe that this list is missing several life members.


Our recorded Life Members are:

Huub Baker
Shelley Bennett
Linley-Jane Bullen
Rachelle C’Ailceta
Raewyn Catley
Anna Chapman
Jeff Clark
Andrea Dale
Ian Daniel
Luke Di Somma
Alan Doak
John Farnsworth
Andrew Gibson
Andrew Glennie
Jeanette Gower
Wendy Griffin
Craig Hanham
Catherine Holland
Scott Koorey
Jennie Lyall
Blair McHugh
Sue McLachlan
Richard Millard
Grant Moulin
Philip Norman
John Osborne
Peter Glasson
John Bayne
Riley Divett
Jessie Cooper
Michael Campbell
Dylan White


Mandy Perry
Peter Rainey
Tom Rainey
David Round
Andrew Sewell
Andrew Shepherd
Serena Sii
Richard Tankersley
Donovan Wearing
Dave Weeber
Chris Whelan
Matthew Grice
Emma Cunliffe
Merryn Patrick
Laura Campbell
Matthew Pattemore
Lilly Thomson
Hamish Russell
Laura Cotter
Samantha Creed
Cameron Melville
Cameron Stewart
Chloë Hyland
Ben McKellar
Jonathan Love
Seamus Dunn
James Huntley
Sebastian Boyle
Harriet Wise
Steve Krenek
Clive Antony
Libby Rees