Hello and welcome back to another week of our behind the scenes blog! We had a great response to our post last week, with glowing reviews such as:
"Yeah, I guess this is okay"
"A spectacularly adequate blog post" 

it is difficult not to get caught up in the hype. 

All jokes and very possible Pulitzer Prize buzz aside, we here at Musoc have been a very busy bunch since we last spoke. With only 20 days until opening, things are beginning to become much more polished. The lyrics are being (mostly) remembered, the character chemistry is thriving and, after the exclusion of stag leaps in this show (Rob), the dancing is really taking shape!

This past Thursday we had a very important night, the Sitzprobe. The Sitzprobe is important as it is the first time the band and the cast perform together. For a lot of the cast, it was the first time we had heard the band perform and to put it simply, we were amazed. To have a group of professional musicians come and devote so much time and energy to our amateur production is such a privilege to be a part of. 

To see the progress that the cast have made with their vocal performance and to hear how tight the band are sounding really is a testament to Kimberly our Musical Director and Angus our Producer/Assistant MD, without their unwavering commitment I'm sure we would still all sound like a pack of squawking seagulls.


Copyright is a fickle friend so I can only give you a very small tease at our behind the scenes work, if you want to see the real deal then you know where to come!


With pack in only a couple of weeks away we are sure to have many exciting updates coming up.

Hope you've enjoyed and we'll see you next week!